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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Gladys

1.1. girl he loves

1.1.1. self centered

2. adventurous

2.1. doing all of this for a girl

2.1.1. did he know this all along?

3. strong

3.1. climbs the tree

3.1.1. sees the ape men names the lake "lake gladys"

4. witty

4.1. understands what to do very quickly

4.1.1. when he comes ot the camp and sees everything trashed

5. writer

5.1. works at a newspaper

5.1.1. does he love to write? hard to tell if he loves to write in the end he works with Lord Roxten, obviously didn't want to write anymore

6. Friendly

6.1. he was one of the people that least fought with everyone, switzerland

6.1.1. sympathetic, connects with others easily thats why he was sent to work with Challenger