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Lockers by Mind Map: Lockers

1. Who to interview

1.1. Facilities department

1.2. Students

1.3. Teachers

2. Questions to ask

2.1. Facilities

2.1.1. When were lockers installed?

2.1.2. Who approved this decision?

2.1.3. Is there any plan to renew or get rid of them?

2.2. Students

2.2.1. How many students actually use lockers?

2.2.2. Why do they use them?

2.2.3. Do they find it useful?

2.2.4. Do their friends use them?

2.2.5. Note: extremes= people who have never used their locker and people who use it daily

2.3. Teachers

2.3.1. What are your opinions on the school lockers?

2.3.2. Do your students use them?

2.3.3. Would you use it if you were a student here at SAS? Why or why not?

3. Problems

3.1. Not many people use them

3.2. Take up space

3.3. If you get rid of them, what to do with people who still use them?