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Lockers by Mind Map: Lockers

1. People

1.1. Locker Users

1.1.1. Carson

1.1.2. Abbie Dalby

1.1.3. Marissa Combs

1.2. non-locker users

1.2.1. Cami

1.2.2. Jackie

1.3. Admin

1.3.1. Neihart

1.3.2. Azizah

1.4. Alumni

1.4.1. Lauren Betts

1.4.2. To find out when people stopped using lockers

1.5. Teachers

1.5.1. That have been here a while

2. Questions

2.1. Non-locker users

2.1.1. Why don't you use the locker

2.1.2. Do you use a sports locker Why use sports locker and not normal lockers?

2.1.3. When you came in new did someone tell you that no one uses a locker?

2.1.4. Have you even thought about using a locker? why or why not?

2.2. Locker users

2.2.1. Why do you use a locker? Has anyone made fun of you for having a locker?

2.3. When did you move to SAS

2.3.1. What were some of you biggest questions when you moved here?

2.3.2. What was the situation with bags at your previous school (or middle school)?

2.4. Neihart

2.4.1. How long have you been here

2.4.2. What systems are in place to deal with stealing of belongings How many reports of thief this year?

2.4.3. Why do you think students stopped using lockers

2.4.4. Do you think students should use lockers