What have I learnt?

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What have I learnt? by Mind Map: What have I learnt?

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Exaggeration phrases

1.1.1. 1. I have so much stuff to do this week. - I am s_____ under this week. 2. I haven't seen you for a long time. - I haven't seen you for a_____. 3. There were a lot of programmes on TV last night. - There were m_____ of programmes on TV last night. 4. It's so hot today! - It's b_____ today. ... 5. It's so cold today! - It's f_____ today! 6. It costs a lot to join the tennis club. - It costs a f_____ to join the tennis club. 7. I am su hungry! - I am s_____. 8. She has cooked so much food for dinner! It was enough to feed all the guests or even more! - It was enough to feed an a____. 9. I want to date him so bad! - I am d_____ to date him.

1.2. Character traits

1.2.1. 1. ... is typical of adventurous/ reserved/ neurotic/ cautious/ outgoing/ conscientious/ extroverted/ introverted people.

1.3. Likes/ Dislikes

1.3.1. I LIKE = I am fond of; I am crazy about; is my cup of tea; sth grows on me. I DISLIKE = I can't stand; sth puts me off; I detest; I despise. Make your own sentences using the words above. Talk about sth you've liked/ disliked this school year. Example: The Greek mythology started growing on me.

1.4. Health idioms

1.4.1. 3 health idioms I remember from our classes:

1.5. Symptoms and diseases

1.5.1. Let's play a guessing game. Choose a symptom/ disease you've learnt and try to describe it so that the other person could guess. https://wordwall.net/resource/71733816/symptoms-guessing-game

1.6. Clothes adjectives

1.6.1. Name 5 adjectives to describe clothes.

1.7. Other phrases

1.7.1. Explain the following phrases: brag about, a form of escapism, work remotely, nomadic lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, alternative lifestyle, tedious

2. Grammar

2.1. Indirect questions

2.1.1. Could you tell me...; I was wondering...; Do you have any idea...; Let me know...

2.2. Past Tenses (?)

2.2.1. Translate: 1. On pływał w jeziorze kiedy coś ugryzło go w stopę. 2. Czułem sie bardzo zmeczony poniewaz nie spałem ostatniej nocy. 3. Zanim przyjechałą policja sprawca zbiegł z miejsca przestepstwa. 4. Wczoraj późno wstałem, poszedłem do ogrodu i zobaczyłem tam lisa.

2.3. used to/ would (difference?)

2.3.1. https://www.baamboozle.com/game/455043

2.4. Wishes (3 types?)

2.4.1. Translate: 1. Chciałbym być sławny. 2. Żałuję, że Cię tu wczoraj nie było. 3. Żeby tylko wyszła za mnie! 4. Gdybym tylko wiedział jak się używa komputera. 5. Chciałbym, żebyś się tak nie spóźniał 6. Nie poszedłem wczoraj na imprezę. Żałuję, że mnie tam nie było

2.5. be certain to do sth, be likely/ unlikely to do sth (difference?)

2.5.1. Make your own sentences using the structures above.