Challenges and benefits of studying in a multicultural environment

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Challenges and benefits of studying in a multicultural environment by Mind Map: Challenges and benefits of studying in a multicultural environment

1. Why study in a multicultural environment?

1.1. Future job possibilities

2. Creativity and innovativeness

2.1. Creativity is seen as a big benefit when people have different viewpoints

2.2. For some, Innovativeness does not appear since they are now studying just theory

2.3. Innovativeness sometimes appears in group work

3. Discrimination

3.1. No experiences in study environment

3.2. Some experiences outside school towards people from the Asian continent

3.3. Need to be more careful not to discuss about topics like religion so as to not to insult anyone

3.4. Future research: what are the main reasons for discrimination

4. Language

4.1. Barriers occur when students or teachers use their mothertongue during class

4.2. Overall, language is not seen as a problem.

4.3. In an international environment there is a possibility to learn new languages more easily

5. Interaction with different nationalities

5.1. Willingness to interact with different nationalities is apparent

5.2. Interviewees like different viewpoints and diversity

5.3. Need to form opinions about others based on individuals not where they come from

6. Biggest Benefits

6.1. Improved language

6.2. Making friends with different cultures

6.3. Diversity

6.4. Different perspectives

7. Communication

7.1. Communication depends on individuals not nationality

7.2. However, only insufficient level of English sometimes creates problems if people are not able to understand each other.

7.3. Laziness seen as a bigger problem why group work would not work

7.4. Some nationalities are seen as harder to work with in a group

8. Stereotyping

8.1. Some previous experiences but after studying in an international environment interviewee felt he can now see people first as individuals.

8.2. Based in interview, sometimes based on appearance or nationality

9. Biggest Challenges

9.1. Cultural sensitivity

9.2. Lifestyle differences: eating patterns

9.3. Adjusting to the country where you are studying if from abroad