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Logging by Mind Map: Logging

1. Heli

1.1. Can get wood from difficult places where trucks can't (Adv)

1.2. Dangerous (Dis)

1.3. Expensive (Dis)

2. Sustainable

2.1. Looks after the environment (Adv)

2.2. Less wood/paper (Dis)

2.3. Expensive! (Dis)

3. Cut-to-length

3.1. Little disturbance to the soil (Adv)

3.2. Can have more control of length of wood (Adv)

3.3. Expensive (Dis)

4. Slash & Burn

4.1. Get lots of wood (Adv)

4.2. Cheap & Easy (Adv)

4.3. Destroys Environment (Dis)

5. Full Tree

5.1. Get More wood (Adv)

5.2. Disturbs soil/environment (Dis)