Elements of Music Career Development

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Elements of Music Career Development by Mind Map: Elements of Music Career Development

1. Education & Adaption

1.1. Be Open to Learning

1.2. Style Exploration

1.3. Flexibility

2. Branding & Image

2.1. Knowing Yourself and Building on That

2.2. Consistency, even when Developing and Adapting

2.3. Creating a Visual Identity

3. Skills

3.1. Technique

3.2. Creativity

4. Promotion

4.1. Recognizing and Engaging with Audience

4.2. Building an Online and Offline Presence

5. Core Values

5.1. Originality

5.2. Growth and Development

6. Networking

6.1. Peer Relationships and Industry Officials

6.2. Building a Loyal Fanbase

6.3. Joining a Music Organization and Communities for Musicians