Research Paper using SIFT method

Step of how to start a research paper and information you need to know .

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Research Paper using SIFT method by Mind Map: Research Paper using SIFT method

1. Decarlo Garner

2. Copy Right Act of 1976

2.1. Check publication of information.

2.1.1. Check author for creditable of information. Check for fair use of information.


3.1. Stop and find other articles of information on topic.

3.1.1. Find citation on the topic to give credit to author. Brainstorm way to format information.

4. Investigate

4.1. Investigate resources and Information you are given.

4.1.1. Investigate to make sure you are not Copy infringement information. Check for misinformation

5. Find

5.1. Find articles of the Topic you are researching and check for accuracy.

5.1.1. Find creditable sorces for your research paper. Find articles related to topic

6. Trace

6.1. Trace sources and information for

6.1.1. Accuracy and creditable information. Trace for disinformation of information.