Self-Driving Vehicles

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Self-Driving Vehicles by Mind Map: Self-Driving Vehicles

1. New business opportunities

1.1. Generate employment

1.1.1. Software development

1.1.2. Data analytics

1.1.3. Autonomous vehicle maintenance

1.2. Autonomous Fleet Services

1.2.1. Taxi services Reduce the need of human drivers

1.2.2. Delivery Services Package deliveries Groceries deliveries Food deliveries

1.2.3. Autonomous shuttles Airports Universities Theme parks

1.3. Manufacturing and warehousing

1.3.1. Automate material handling

1.3.2. Last-mile operations

1.3.3. Reducing supply chain disruption.

1.4. Personalized Travel and Tourism

1.4.1. Customized Tours

1.4.2. Mobile Hotels