Lemonade Project

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Lemonade Project by Mind Map: Lemonade Project

1. Sales Site

1.1. Help kids make their own money

1.2. Learn valuable business / life lessons

1.3. Includes everything you need to get started

1.4. Develop teamwork and leadership skills

2. Newsletter

2.1. Kid Business news

2.2. Money Making Ideas

3. Affiliate Program

3.1. Clickbank

4. Payment Gateway

4.1. Paypal

5. Ebook

5.1. Outline

5.2. Recipes

5.2.1. Old Fashion

5.2.2. Ready Mix

5.2.3. Garnish and Presentation (ices, lemon wedge, mint)

5.2.4. Alternates (ice tea, Pink Lemonade)

5.3. Marketing

5.3.1. Presentation

5.3.2. Customer Service

5.3.3. Pricing (cost / profit calculation)

5.3.4. Publicity Sign outline Include Files they can print Chalk Drawings Include Stencils Posters on Poles Include poster files Flyers Sample Flyer Word of Mouth

5.4. Parent Handbook

5.4.1. Why Lemonade (micro business lessons)

5.4.2. Skills taught (leadership, financial management, confidence...

5.4.3. Suggested reading (amazon tie in)

6. Free Report and Articles

6.1. Teaching kids about money

6.2. Money Making ideas for kids

6.3. Understanding cash flow concepts

6.4. Lemonade as a metaphore for life