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BASKETBALL By:Eddie Tam by Mind Map: BASKETBALL By:Eddie Tam

1. Skills

1.1. offensive skills

1.1.1. passing bounce pass bounce 2/3 way to target chest pass pass from chest Overheadpass pass from behind the head

1.1.2. shooting lay-up using two steps coming from a 45 degree angle towards the net and shooting it off the backboard to score dunk shooitng while above net

1.1.3. dribbling bouncing the ball with pads of your fingers

1.2. defensive skills

1.2.1. rebounding recover shot that bounces off the net

1.2.2. boxing out in between opponant and net to recieve a rebound

2. Court

2.1. center line

2.1.1. center of the court

2.2. sideline

2.2.1. boundaries of the court

2.3. 3 point line

2.3.1. scoring from outside this lines means 3 points

2.4. key

2.4.1. cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds in the key

2.5. free-throw line

2.5.1. boundary line for free throws

2.6. Jump ball circle

2.6.1. places where jump ball occurs

2.7. basket

2.7.1. shooting target

3. History

3.1. Invention

3.1.1. Inventor: James Naismith

3.1.2. originally using actual baskets and a soccer ball

3.1.3. invented in 1891

3.2. rules made official in 1892

3.3. appeared in Olympics in 1936

4. Rules

4.1. Scoring

4.1.1. 2 point goal Shot made inside 3 point line

4.1.2. 3 point goal Shot made outside 3 point line

4.1.3. free throw a shot is given unguarded from behind free throw line (1 point)

4.2. Fouls

4.2.1. Charging Running into person while having the ball

4.2.2. Hacking physical contact to person with ball

4.2.3. Holding Holding down a person (W/WO ball)

4.3. Violation; concludes in a turnover

4.3.1. traveling moving with ball illegally

4.3.2. three second staying in key with ball for >3 seconds

4.3.3. Double dribble to stop dribbling then begin again/dribble with both hands