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Facilitate a Meeting for a Big Group by Mind Map: Facilitate a Meeting for a Big
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Facilitate a Meeting for a Big Group

Before the event

Identify the Purpose & Objectives

Identify Participants

Engage Participants

Agenda/Activity Format Development

Ground Rules Development

Assistant/Scriber, Timekeeper

Logistics(space, time, tools, entertainment)

Expect Unexpected Issues


Meeting before Meeting

Charter Development

Invite Participants

In the Event


Warm up activity

VISIBLE Objectives

VISIBLE Ground Rules



Listening, Paraphrase, Stack a conversation, Recap

Balance Participation, Make space for more reticent group members, Draw people out, Ask loud folks to weigh-In last

Keeping Focus, Inervention, Instant Sum-up

VISIBLE Inputs, Organize/Structure inputs, Picture Inputs / Using Visual Elements

Incubate Creativity

Suggest decision models/Advocate decisions

Time Keeping

Group Dynamics, Manage conflicts/controversinal opinions, Manage exceptions/Adapt to changes


VISIBLE Outputs/Picture Summary

Clear Next Step

After the Event

Distribute Meeting Minutes

Retrospective for the Facilitation