Facilitate a Meeting for a Big Group

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Facilitate a Meeting for a Big Group by Mind Map: Facilitate a Meeting for a Big Group

1. Before the event

1.1. Identify the Purpose & Objectives

1.2. Identify Participants

1.3. Engage Participants

1.4. Agenda/Activity Format Development

1.5. Ground Rules Development

1.6. Assistant/Scriber, Timekeeper

1.7. Logistics(space, time, tools, entertainment)

1.8. Expect Unexpected Issues

1.9. Rehearsal

1.10. Meeting before Meeting

1.11. Charter Development

1.12. Invite Participants

2. In the Event

2.1. Open

2.1.1. Warm up activity

2.1.2. VISIBLE Objectives

2.1.3. VISIBLE Ground Rules

2.1.4. VISIBLE Agenda

2.2. Play

2.2.1. Listening Paraphrase Stack a conversation Recap

2.2.2. Balance Participation Make space for more reticent group members Draw people out Ask loud folks to weigh-In last

2.2.3. Keeping Focus Inervention Instant Sum-up

2.2.4. VISIBLE Inputs Organize/Structure inputs Picture Inputs / Using Visual Elements

2.2.5. Incubate Creativity

2.2.6. Suggest decision models/Advocate decisions

2.2.7. Time Keeping

2.2.8. Group Dynamics Manage conflicts/controversinal opinions Manage exceptions/Adapt to changes

2.3. Close

2.3.1. VISIBLE Outputs/Picture Summary

2.3.2. Clear Next Step

3. After the Event

3.1. Distribute Meeting Minutes

3.2. Retrospective for the Facilitation