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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Sources

1.1. Power Generator

1.1.1. which can be power plants wind farm nuclear power generators Hydrodams

1.2. Battery

1.2.1. is a chemical source of electricity the most portable form of electricity

1.2.2. is made of carbon nickel acid

1.2.3. has 2 terminals Which is the which allows

1.2.4. Can be rechargable non-rechargable

2. Can cause

2.1. Electrocution

2.2. Fires

2.3. Burns

3. is

3.1. a form of energy

3.2. the most widely used form of energy

3.3. able to be sent through wires

3.3.1. through a flow of tiny particles called

3.3.2. to produce light heat

3.3.3. to run motors electrical appliances

4. flows

4.1. in a path

4.1.1. called electrical circuit can be consist of can be affected by