FIlm Opening

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FIlm Opening by Mind Map: FIlm Opening

1. Setting

1.1. Mowsbury Woods

1.1.1. Convention of a horror film as it is quiet and secluded

1.2. Abandoned house

1.2.1. Also a convention. This allows us to add a creepy and eerie feel to the film opening, especially during the evening

2. Diegesis

2.1. Diegetic

2.1.1. Heavy Breathing

2.1.2. Feet rattling leaves

2.1.3. Creaky floorboards

2.2. Non-diegetic

3. Conventions

3.1. Red theme

3.1.1. connotation Dagger Blood Evil

3.2. Tense music

3.2.1. It leads to jumpscares

3.2.2. Builds tension and suspense

3.3. Death

3.3.1. Usually see death of important characters

3.3.2. Suggest there will be more deaths

3.4. Slow paced

3.4.1. Builds tension

3.4.2. Keeps audience on edge

3.5. Location

3.5.1. Establishing shot

3.5.2. Shows the audience where the film could potentially be set

4. Plot

4.1. First Scene

4.1.1. Begins in the woods

4.1.2. The victim is being chased by a swifty antagonist

4.1.3. Then victim them trips over

4.2. Second scene

4.2.1. The victim wakes up in a room were he is tied to a chair with duct tape

4.2.2. The victim manages to break free from the chair

4.2.3. We then see the antagonist grab his knife which has been wedged into the table, after hearing scurries of the victims footsteps above

4.2.4. The victims tries to escape the house

4.2.5. The victim appears from the dark and ends the victims life

5. Editing

5.1. Fast paced

5.1.1. Chase scene

5.2. Slow paced

5.2.1. Within the house to build tense to mirror the dark, eerie feel

6. Mise en scene

6.1. Props

6.1.1. Knife

6.1.2. Duct tape

6.1.3. Old chair

6.2. Costume

6.2.1. Victim Casual Clothing Ripped and dirty Blood stain

6.3. antagonist

6.3.1. Dark and unreveiling

6.3.2. Hoodie or mask to hide face

6.4. Lighting

6.4.1. Very little lighting

6.4.2. Dim to add to effect

6.5. Characters

6.5.1. Victim

6.5.2. Unknown antagonist

7. Cinematography

7.1. Close up

7.2. Tracking shot

7.3. POV shot

7.4. Establishing shot

7.5. Match on action

7.6. Long/medium shot

7.7. Pan

7.8. Tilt

7.9. Dolly zoom

8. Production Companies

8.1. Anthony Wickenden & Deepak Dosanjh

8.1.1. Paranoia Pictures

8.2. Anthony Luongo

8.2.1. AL Productions