Attributes for employability.

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Attributes for employability. by Mind Map: Attributes for employability.

1. Independence

1.1. independence is a massive attribute to have because if you are not independent and have to reply on others to help you this could be a disadvantage to a company because they would always have someone working with you instead of getting their own work done.

2. Communication skills

2.1. This is a vital attribute because if you can not communicate with others you will not fit in with group work and you could not contribute in teams, communication skills is the biggest attribute to have because if you do not feel comfortable talking to your colleagues you wouldn't enjoy your job.

3. Friendly

3.1. Being friendly is important because if you are not friendly and approachable your fellow workers would not like to talk to you or work in groups also this would limit the jobs you could have.

4. Good Hygiene

4.1. Good hygiene is important in a work or college because if you have poor hygiene it could possibly be a barrier between your other colleagues but if you have good hygiene people wont mind working with you.

5. Hard Working

5.1. Hard working is a very good attribute to have because if you are a hard worker and always get your work done on time this will show your boss that you are a reliable worker.

6. Good TeamWork

6.1. Good Team Work is a beneficial attribute to have because if you have good team work skills you can contribute to the team and get work done faster and it would add another opinion.

7. Loyalty

7.1. Loyalty is an vital trait to have when in a job because if you are loyal to your company this shows that you are reliable and could possibly be at the company for a long time and become manage one day.

8. Organisational skills

8.1. Organisational skills are a key factor because if you have poor organisational skills you could struggle to keep track of what work you have to do also if your files are not organised this could be a risk and you could lose work in all the untidy folders

9. Adaptibility

9.1. If you have good adaptability skills and you are versatile to do more than one job and you can adapt in different situations which you are not very comfortable doing but you adapt easy this is an very good feature when looking for a job also in a job.

10. Leadership Skills

10.1. If you have leadership skills you will most likely work good in groups because you have the skills to be the leader of the group when no one else does but a disadvantage would be if your working in a group with another person which prefers to be the leader you's could possibly clash.