Attributes Valued by Employers

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Attributes Valued by Employers by Mind Map: Attributes Valued by Employers

1. self-confidence

1.1. Being in the real industry an employee should have self-confidence in themselves.

2. Organisational & Time Skills

2.1. Every employer would want their employee to be on time.

3. Social Skills

3.1. An employee should be able to communicate with their colleagues.

4. Team Work

4.1. Having good team work skills is important and most employers will took for this in an employee.

5. Motivation

5.1. it is the employees responsability to make sure they are motivated.

6. Problem Solving

6.1. Some people see only the problems they face , others may be quick perhaps too quick, to see a solution

7. Dependability

7.1. An employee shouldn't have to be dependant on their employer. they should be inderpendable

8. Confidence

8.1.  Without confidence a person can be a liability., always needing supervision.