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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization
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History of Glob.

Glob 1.0

how nations thrive in the world

Glob 2.0

how countries thrive in the world

Glob 3.0

how an individual thrives in the world

Causes of Globalization

End of cold war.

the berlin wall fell down and it opened up trade all across europe

The internet

connected people around the world

Workflow software

made business easier to communicate with others


people uploaded things on the internet


jobs were outsourced to save money


jobs stayed inside the country


products made in other countries to save money


jobs stayed inside the country


search engines became available

The Steroids

new technology made communication easier

The Triple Convergence

convergence 1

computers connect business around the world

convergence 2

operating systems helped with production

convergence 3

companies adapt to the new playing field

The great sorting out

The death of a salesman

people buying products online

India vs. Indiana

jobs are being outsourced to india

Multiple Idenity Disorder

communities and companies have many identies

Command to Colaborate

find stuff using the internet

Who owns what

build legal barriers to protect property

Where do companies start and stop

America and the flat world

america is falling behind the world

india and china are getting american jobs

The quiet crisis

Education gap

kids are not being taught what they need to live in a flat world

Infrastructure gap

money is not being spent on what is needed

Funding gap

the US execells in teaching science and engineerring

Numbers gap

people are not motivated to become scientists

Ambition gap

people do not have the motivation to work

The Right Stuff

Right Brain

need to educate people the right stuff

Test tubes and tubas

extra ciricular activities are important

Liberal Arts

people think horizontally

CQ + PQ > IQ

passion and curoisity

Classes to take

take the right classes to survive in a flat world

Navagation of the Internet

need to know how to use technology

The Right Country

counrty needs to thrive in the world

New Middle

Collaborators and Orchestrators

people who have new ideas


puting ideas together


teach clients to use products that company makes


someone who finds problems and solve them


people who need to prepare themselves for the future

Green People

people who love the enviroment

Passionate Personalizers

people who add personal touches to their jobs

Math Lovers

people who do not teach kids the importance of math


people who own local businness

Compassionate Flatism


to help educate and explain to people what world they are living in

Good fat

social security


parents need to get involved in their childrens education

How companies cope

Rule #7

Rule number 7 states that no matter how hard sombody works they could still be outsourced.

Rule #8

I have no idea what this one was about, somthing about outsourcing to win, not to save money.

Rule #9

This rule states that companies should get exrayed to see whats wrong or what they could improve in.

Rule # 10

This one is about being new and standing out in you company, creating new ideas to make the company stand out.

Rule #11

This rule is that you have to dig inside yourself to find new ideas to keep you customers. Instead of building walls,

Rule #12

My rule was that you have to make new and exiting ideas to keep you customers coming back, like offering people items to come to your company.

Rule #13

This rule means, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, in shortend terms.

Rule #14

Rule 14 says that you have to work as a team within your company

The Unflat world

To Disempowerd

This is were a country isnt powerful enough to change there circumstance and start globalizing in the flat world.

Too many Toyotas

Honestly I still have no idea what that ones about..sorry

Too sick

This is where a country has to many sick people to many diseases to start flattening, you cant globalize when half your population is dying every day

Too Frustrated

This one is where a country cant globalize do to war both political and physical, because a country cant globalize when theyre to worried about protecting there country

The Dell Theory of Conflict

This is the idea that aslong as two countries are conected through a big company chain, they cannot fight. Becuase aslong as they are depended on eachothers trade theyre not going to risk loosing that partner.