Planned Solutions for Telecommunications for migrant workers

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Planned Solutions for Telecommunications for migrant workers by Mind Map: Planned Solutions for Telecommunications for migrant workers

1. WiFi or cables Internet phones in compounds or Workplaces

1.1. Requirements

1.1.1. WiFi mobile phone (or) Skype Phones (or) SIP adapters + POTS phones

1.1.2. Betamax or Skype calling options

1.2. Payment Options

1.2.1. UCash (or) Western Union (or) Custom tailor-made payment system

2. Vodafone Solutions

2.1. Payment mechanism

2.1.1. Vodafone prepaid card distribution

2.2. Pros

2.2.1. Existing Infrastructure setup

2.2.2. Manpower and market knowledge

2.2.3. Technical expertise and ability to support project

2.3. Cons

2.3.1. Lack of complete control

2.3.2. Need for perfect plan and professionalism

2.3.3. More meetings, more people, more committment

3. Calling from mobiles over 3G internet connections

3.1. Requirements

3.1.1. 3G Mobile phones

3.1.2. 3G connections from Qtel or Vodafone

4. HotSpots in market place + areas near compounds e.g. Boingo

4.1. Requirements

4.1.1. WiFi mobile phones

4.1.2. HotSpots may be 3G-based

4.2. Need

4.2.1. Massive collaboration and agreements with HotSpot providing vendors

4.2.2. Business license

4.3. Payment Options

4.3.1. In-house Custom

4.4. Possible collaboration

4.4.1. Boingo

5. Using calling cards to access free local numbers and routing calls over IP

5.1. Requirements

5.1.1. Telecom License

5.1.2. Call routing Infrastructure