La Haine

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La Haine by Mind Map: La Haine

1. Context

1.1. Director: Mathieu Kassovitz

1.2. Year: 1995

1.3. Production Co.: Canal+

1.4. Starring:Vincent Cassel Hubert Koundé Saïd Taghmaoui

2. Characters

2.1. Vinz

2.1.1. Laid back

2.1.2. Jewish

2.1.3. Materialistic "VINZ" ring

2.1.4. Aesthetically orientated.

2.1.5. Confident

2.1.6. Banter relationship with Said.

2.2. SaÏd

2.2.1. Friendly

2.2.2. Juvenile

2.2.3. North Africa decent. Muslim Beviz

2.2.4. Loud

2.2.5. Gobby

2.2.6. Confrontational

2.2.7. Playful

2.2.8. Comaraderie

2.3. Hubert

2.3.1. Sub Saharan black decent. French colony.

2.3.2. No grudges Self taught from boxing

2.3.3. Authoritarian role

2.3.4. Law breaker? Stereotype

2.3.5. Reserved

2.3.6. Drug dealer

2.3.7. Comunicative

3. Styles

3.1. Documentational

3.1.1. Archival footage of riots

3.2. Naturalism

3.3. Expressionistic

3.3.1. Molotov explodes onto the Earth

3.4. Action Cuts

3.4.1. Gun shots

4. Culture

4.1. East coast, America, Hip Hop

4.1.1. Nike/Adidas tracksuits

4.1.2. Baseball caps

4.1.3. Hip Hop/ rap music

4.2. Radical movements in France.

5. "You're murderers, you can shoot, we only have stones"

5.1. Power, poverty and violence in one line.

5.2. Followed by 'dedicated to young people"

5.2.1. The young fall under the above characters...

6. Soundtrack

6.1. KRS-ONE

6.1.1. Sound of da police DVD Menu Corruption? "pigs" Youth against the police

6.2. Bob Marley

6.2.1. Burnin' & Lootin' Rioting? Against the power

7. Represenation

7.1. Rioters

7.1.1. Media show a negative representation

7.2. Media

7.2.1. Present injustices.

7.3. Police

7.3.1. "pigs"

7.3.2. Violent

7.3.3. Starting trouble

7.3.4. Instigators against peaceful protesters.

8. La Haine Booklet

8.1. Film narrative & form.

8.1.1. Narrative David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson suggests that a narrative is a chain of events in cause effect relationship occurring in time and space. Manipulation if narrative, time and space and the deployment of various devices comprise the main work of the film director as 'storyteller'. The plot includes the same explicitly presented events plus all the non-diagetic information supplied by the film maker. The plot as a whole seem to lack potential, but the structure of the narrative and the way it unfolds, the process of narration are crucial in turning something seemingly mundane into ninny five minutes of gripping narrative cinema. Conflict between the residents and the police? Metaphorical sense it could be the whole of French society that is falling (he third time the story is told 'society' is substituted for 'man'.