Technology In Education

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Technology In Education by Mind Map: Technology In Education


1.1. Types of Knowledge

1.1.1. Technoligcal Tools for teaching

1.1.2. Content What to teach

1.1.3. Pedagogical How to Teach

1.2. Combination of Knowledge

1.2.1. PCK Does the Teaching style match the content?

1.2.2. TCK Do the Tech tools Aid the Content learning?

1.2.3. TPK Do the Tech tools Aid the teaching Style?

1.2.4. TPACK Is the lesson well balanced? Does it cover all three of the above concerns?


2.1. Dr. Ruben Puentedura

2.2. Still Emerging Framework, Data still being collected

2.3. Its what you do with Tech. that makes it useful

2.3.1. Transformation Transformation Tech allows for previously undoable tasks Modification Tech allows task redesign

2.3.2. Enhancement Augmentation Tech is tool sub, but with functional Improvement Substitution Tech is a direct tool sub, Google Forms no functional Change

3. 21st Century Learning

3.1. Developed by Punya Mishra

3.2. Acknowledged 3 levels of Knowledge

3.2.1. Foundational Content Informational Literacy Cross- Disciplinary Knowledge

3.2.2. Meta Critical thinking Collaboration Creativity

3.2.3. Humanistic LIfe/Job Skills Cultural Competence Ethical/Emotional Awareness

4. Teachnology

4.1. The Combination of beliefs about teaching and technology

4.2. TPACK should influence your Teachnology Beliefs

4.3. Use for professional growth