Theories and Frameworks

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Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Theories  and  Frameworks

1. SAMR Model

1.1. A deeper understanding of the impact technology plays in a student's learning and the teacher's teaching style.

1.2. Four levels of integration that are split into two areas of teaching, transformation and enhancement.

1.2.1. Transformation Redefinition Students are asked to create a film about what they have learned that can be watched by the class Modification Students are asked to write a story and then create a soundtrack that would convey their story throughout.

1.2.2. Enhancement Augmentation Students use Microsoft Word to write an esssay rather then using paper and pencil. Substitution Students are given a print out from the computer and asked to finish the questions and hand it in.


1.4. Here's a video about the SAMR Model


2.1. Three kinds of knowledge that teachers should know and use

2.1.1. Content Content could be something like an Onomatopoeia in writing

2.1.2. Pedagogy I then need to decide how I am going to teach my students what I know about an Onomatopoeia

2.1.3. Technology Then I decide with the use of technology how can I help my students understand what an Onomatopoeia is A teacher could use a video of a person eating popcorn and then have the students list what they hear. This helps them understand that it is the sound something makes used in writing to engage the reader. ex. CRUNCH CRUNCH

2.2. TPACK is what a teachers knowledge should look like with a combination of each of the 3 areas

2.2.1. TPACK is something that teachers continue to grow throughout their career as a teacher


2.4. Here's a video about TPACK

3. Philosophy of Teachnology

3.1. No Philosophy of Technology is the same, just like a Philosophy of teaching

3.1.1. There will be some similarities to peoples Philosophies

3.1.2. There will be some differences to peoples Philosophies

3.1.3. A philosophy may change over time as new technology comes out

3.2. It is a teacher's opinion about the way in which they integrate technology into their teaching style

3.3. Here's a video of someone's Philosophy of Teachnology