World War I

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World War I by Mind Map: World War I

1. Wilson's plea to make the world "safe for democracy" wasn't just political poturing - Kaitlin3

2. 1917, US declares war on Germany, Dylan4

3. Dough Boys-people who fought that didn't know how to read/write or were slaves that didn't really know what they were signing up for- Ronda3

3.1. Ypres battle was the first one the germans used chemical warfare joe3

4. Fought mostly in Europe-By Molly Ann 5th

5. Germany declares war on Russia on August 1,1914 and France on August 3.-Dan Ohms 4th

6. Fighting begins on August 3, 1914 when Germany invaded Belgium-Dan Ohms 4th

6.1. instead of using 100 men companies in previouse wars, in ww1 they used squads of 10 or so men stephen 3rd

6.1.1. much of ww1 combat involved trench warfare stephen 3rd

7. Major countries of the world such as US, Britian, Japan, etc. were involved - Geoff Bryant 4

8. US originally planned isolationism during this war - Geoff Bryant 4

8.1. 1914 Americans saw no reason to join fight 3,000 miles away

9. As World War 1 intensified the United States was forced to abandon its neutrality.-carlykienast 5th

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10. by 1917, the British had learned how to drive large numbers of tanks through barbed wire defenses.-carlykienast-5th

11. 1916 Election - Victoria Jensen 5

11.1. Wilson vs. Hughes -Victoria Jensen 5

11.2. Wilson Won - Victoria Jensen 5

12. The invention of the machine gun forced soldiers to fight from trenches-emily4

13. July 1, 1916 the first battle of the somme lasted till mid November beccap 5

13.1. the british suffered 60,000 casualties the first day of fighting beccap 5

14. Also known as the "War to End All Wars"-beccar5

15. At 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918, a cease fire came into effect.-beccar5

16. 1915, German U-boats sink the Lusitania, and 1,198 people die, Dylan4

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17. Although the assasination of Franz Ferdinand was a main cause of the war, violence had been brewing between the Empires for many years -

18. On August 1st, 1914, Germany declared war on Russia - Danielle Hansen 4

19. On August 4th, 1914, Britain declared war on Germany - Danielle4

20. Also called thethe First World War, the Great War, and the War To End All Wars- Ronda3

21. First started using chemical weapons...mustard gas - Josh Weisenborn 5

21.1. Jeannette Rankin...only member of house to vote against entering WW1 andWW2 - Josh Weisenborn 5

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22. World war 1 was an important factor in starting world war 2-nate pattee5

23. Nationalism gave military buildups and a country's use of force to reach its goals- Holloway5

24. At first the United States tried to stay out of the war as long as they could-Justin3

25. Propaganda was a huge part in getting Americans involvred in the war.-Kaysha3

26. WWI lead to WWII because of how Germany was treated with the treaty of Versailles-Kaysha3

27. Our allies were France, Britian, and Russia - Kaitlin3

28. After WWI, peace was declared on 11th hour, 11th day, and the 11th month in 1918 - garrison3

29. First war to be fought on 3 continents - garrison3

30. Entente Powers-France,Russia, British Empire, and eventually Italy and us (Stephanie Booth 3)

30.1. Central Powers- Austro-Hungarian, Germany, and Ottoman Empires (Stephanie Booth 3)

31. Home made Gernades were 16 inch cane handle. Ignited by pulling a pin out of the top. The handle would insure it to land on the top to detinate it. Taylor3

32. Tanks were known as the Chariots of God cause they were giant blocks of metal that moved about 5 kilometeres per hour. Taylor3

33. The germans had a submarine fleet around england joe3

34. One of the effects of the war was a major social change in the U.S.- stein 4

35. Test

36. Over 40 million deaths-By Molly Ann 5th

36.1. 20 Million of those where military and civilain deaths-By Molly Ann 5th

37. The major cause was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.-stein 4

38. 1914-1918-joe4

38.1. Treaty of Versailles

39. The German Army were the first to use Mustard gas in Sept. of 1917-emily4

40. Triple Entente-France, Britain, & Russia Leah Miller3

41. Triple Alliance- Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Italy Leah Miller3

42. Nationalism led to competitive and rivalries among nations kirsten3

42.1. Many feared Germany's growing power in Europe kirsten3

43. world war one was one of the most violent and d

44. 21 million people were wounded -Malissa4th

45. The Selective Service Act- Dana Kloewer 4

45.1. Required men to register with the government in order to be randomly selected for military service. Dana Kloewer 4

45.2. 24 million men had registered and almost 3 million were called up. Dana Kloewer 4

46. Most of the fighting was carried out in trenches with a no-mans land between the 2 armies. in the no-mans land men were mowed down by machine guns and poison gas.- troy oz 4

46.1. 3 types of trenches: front line, support, reserve Jenny5

47. World war 1 ended the world order as was after the napolanic war

48. On August 3, 1914, Germany invaded Belgium. Deidre3 The plan they used was called the Schlieffen Plan it was designed for to take action against Russia. Deidre3

49. On July 28th Austria declared war on Serbia- Holloway5

50. WWI had a very decisive impact on 20th century history - Riley5

51. The war caused the disintegration of four empires: the Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman, and Russian

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53. The war took place in Europe - NATHAN 5

54. About 3 million American men were entered into the army to fight in the war - NATHAN 5