Global Digital Citizen

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Global Digital Citizen by Mind Map: Global Digital Citizen

1. Global Citizenship

1.1. Make students learn about other cultures to gain an understanding of the world around them

1.1.1. offer a club devoted to students that want to learn about other religions or cultures from around the world and learn about the crisis' and things like that

1.1.2. have a religion day or event so student learn about other religions have fundraisers to maybe either have kids come here or take a trip just to go learn about certain cultures or religions

1.2. understanding and respecting other cultures

1.3. Class on everyday economic crisis

1.4. Having kids compare other countries schooling.

1.5. Learn about different religions

2. Personal Responsibility

2.1. Use electronic devices properly.

2.2. More open resources

2.3. teach students how to handle their finances in realistic situations (class/club)

2.3.1. maybe a student store could be set up and student or teachers could run it? continue to give the students more things for them to show responsibility

2.3.2. dont abuse the resourses permited to you

2.4. Use gym equipment properly.

2.5. students should be taught how to use there electronic resources

3. Digital Citizenship

3.1. Only use internet when needed.

3.1.1. Respect everyone's opinion.

3.2. time limits should be set for how long you spend on facebook and twitter

3.2.1. make a survey or some sort of test to set student up with other students they would get along with

3.3. Teach appropriate uses of Twitter/Social Networking

3.3.1. there should be chat or comment censorship to make sure there are no hurtful comments

3.4. Understanding

3.5. report cyber bulling or any kind of hazing to a administrator or other adult?

3.5.1. someone should monitor the chat or social media sites

3.6. How can we use social media Twitter/Facebook in the classroom to teach proper use and use it as a learning tool.

3.6.1. you can have the students tweet or post up things of them doing work like projects for others to see only on the school twitter or facebook .

4. Altruistic Service

4.1. volunteer clubs

4.2. environmental awarness classes

4.2.1. the schools could go go green

4.3. Classes on enviromental changes?

4.4. Helping out families in the schoool.

4.5. Starting charity events

4.5.1. or some sort of auction?

4.6. solar panels

4.6.1. Establishing a enviroment that is "eco-friendly" have days where the students do nothing but help out with the school or the community to make it more eco friendly

4.6.2. there should be a courtyard filled with trees and other plants that student should volunteer to take care of the trees and plants

4.6.3. Taking classes that help the community

5. Environmental Stewardship

5.1. lower your environmental footprint

5.2. show students the effects of their actions on the environment. ie.if the ozone is destroyed there will be epic face melting

5.2.1. Put trash in appropriate places.

5.2.2. have students help out by cleaning up the school or maybe even the community

5.3. make students map their carbon foot print

5.3.1. there could be some sort of reward for like caring for the school like a no home work day or something along those lines,or a field trip?

5.4. have the school use recyled paper?