Technology Frameworks

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Technology Frameworks by Mind Map: Technology Frameworks


1.1. How technology impacts teaching and learning, focusing on student engagement

1.1.1. Substitution use o f technology in a way that does not change the task

1.1.2. Augmentation use of technology in a way that makes the task easier. A functional improvement.

1.1.3. Modification use of technology to completely redesign a task. No tech, no lesson.

1.1.4. Redifinition use of technology to create a task that was previously inconceivable. Expands beyond the classroom


2.1. 3 Types of Knowledge

2.1.1. Technological how to use specific tech tools changing the impact of the technology in the life of the student adapting and changing as technology evolves

2.1.2. Pedagogical how to teach frameworks and scaffolding lesson planning classroom management assessment learning theories

2.1.3. Content knowledge of the subject being taught bulilding block information concepts, theories, evidence and proof

2.2. Where Knowledge Converges

2.2.1. TPK how technology changes learning and learning outcomes

2.2.2. TCK how technology and content influence each other how technologies can present content in new ways

2.2.3. PCK content specific pedagogy core business of teaching learning assessment curriculum

2.3. TPCK: The Whole Package

2.3.1. meaningful and skilled teaching while integrating technology

2.3.2. how technology can be used to build on previous knowledge

3. 21st Century Learning

3.1. multiple frameworks brought together

3.2. focuses on characteristics needed to be a successful 21st Century student.

3.2.1. Foundational Knowledge content info literacy cross-disciplinary knowledge

3.2.2. Meta Knowledge problem solving and critical thinking communication and collaboration creativity

3.2.3. Humanistic Knowledge life and job skills cultural competency ethical and emotional awarness

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. personal philosophy on integrating technology into your teaching practices

4.1.1. mentorship

4.1.2. expanding literacy through technology

4.1.3. technology as a bridge between the art of investigating and the science of operating

4.1.4. teacher is moderator, mediator and facilitator