Goldstein chapters 4-5

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Goldstein chapters 4-5 by Mind Map: Goldstein chapters 4-5

1. Chapter 5

1.1. crime and violence

1.1.1. talk of crime feeds into violence from fear

1.2. gangs with leaders

1.2.1. Dilmar/anthropologist writings about working classes dangerous,middle class elite could be exposed

1.2.2. gang quality/ offer identities and services

1.3. drugs

1.3.1. absence of law

1.3.2. marijuana and cocaine power struggles

1.4. police relations

1.4.1. LuLu: corrupt civil police officer

1.4.2. "police bandit" :absolute corruption

2. State terror, gangs, and everyday violence

2.1. revenge practices

2.1.1. police bandits sexual abuse/adultery/theft/rape

2.2. criminalization of the poor

2.3. women

2.3.1. religious violence

2.3.2. instutitionalized strict religious orders

3. Chapter 4

3.1. children are seen as innocent victims

3.1.1. Killing Streets, fear of crimes, death squads

3.1.2. Meeting 2

4. No time for childhood

4.1. Pixote film: street children/ recruited to do dirty work

4.2. Middle and upper class Brazilians have well-developed strategies about their problematic country

4.2.1. Task 1

4.2.2. Task 2

4.3. Mirelli

4.3.1. lived with man whose parents had Hansen's disease

4.3.2. mother had to sleep with a man that her father lost a game to "ronda". After, lived her life wildly. parents gave their life to drinking mirelli ate garbage and was saved from sexual abuse by sister

4.4. Thrown out on the streets

4.4.1. Luca's mother died/ divided children up

4.4.2. Lucas was with grandmother/ Did not like school/ found jobs Gloria had a huge impact on Lucas' life/ especially methods of punishment Wantedto keep the children out of prison and alive