Technology Frameworks

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Technology Frameworks by Mind Map: Technology Frameworks

1. 21st Century Learner

1.1. Three levels of knowledge for the 21st Century Learner

1.1.1. Foundational Core Content Digital & Informational Literacy Cross-Disciplinary

1.1.2. Meta Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Communication & Collaboration Creativity

1.1.3. Humanistic Life & Job Skills Cultural Competence Ethical & Emotional Awareness

1.2. Alberta Ed 21st Century Learner


2.1. Goal: bring students from technology enhancement to transformation

2.2. Teachers can evaluate technology used in their classroom and classify it

2.2.1. Enhancement Substitution Direct substitute, no functional change Augmentation Direct substitute, functional improvement

2.2.2. Transformation Modification Significant task redesign Redefinition Creation of new tasks

2.3. Pedagogy Wheel

3. Philosophy of Teachnology

3.1. Beliefs about how technology can be used in teaching practices

3.1.1. Each student needs equal access to technology

3.1.2. Digital citizens

3.1.3. Students need to be taught how to use technology appropriately

3.1.4. Can be used in a Teacher's Professional Growth Plan

3.1.5. Give students opportunities to integrate technology in their learning

3.1.6. Include reflections using the other three frameworks


4.1. Various domains teacher needs to successfully integrate technology in classroom

4.1.1. Content knowledge

4.1.2. Pedagogical knowledge

4.1.3. Technological knowledge

4.2. Provides reflective framework for teachers to evaluate how well they are using technology in their classroom

4.3. TPACK Venn Diagram

4.4. Technology is always changing, so it is hard to find a consistent solution