Digital Story

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Digital Story by Mind Map: Digital Story

1. Music

1.1. Coldplay-"Fix you"

2. Pictures

2.1. old photo albums

2.2. Ask Grandma

2.3. Facebook

3. Feelings

3.1. Dad's thoughts toward the whole situtaion

3.2. Family's thoughts

3.2.1. NIki, Cyndi, Michael, Jillian, and Myself

3.3. Emotions: Sadness, Devistation, Anger, Lost, confused, questioning

4. Story Line

4.1. Cancer

4.1.1. Endometrial

4.2. Who: Mom

4.3. Treatmeant

4.3.1. Chemo and Radiation

5. Outcome

5.1. Cancer Free

5.2. Surgery

5.3. Long Recovery

5.4. Mom is still apart of our lives

6. Why I chose this topic

6.1. Culture

6.2. strengthen the family dynamics

6.3. Made me who I am today

6.4. More appreciative with what I am given

6.5. Allows me to teach more from the heart than on what other expect