CRABBE; A confused young man

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CRABBE; A confused young man by Mind Map: CRABBE; A confused young man

1. Brave

1.1. "The bark and needles caught fire immediately when I set a match to them. New birch bark gives off a fearsome crackling, black, smokey flame".

1.2. Crabbe's idea to shave Mary from the drunken hunter's is extremely smart because he manages to distract them long enough for him to save Mary and get away.

2. Heroic

2.1. "I rolled her over, cut the ropes, picked up her coat from the floor and led her out of there".

2.2. Crabbe's idea to start the fire to distract the drunken hunter's from noticing him when he entered the rec hall to save Mary was very heroic of him.

3. Protective

3.1. "Her bush shirt had been ripped open down to her elbows and her T-shirt yanked up to expose her breasts. When I saw her I hoped the bastards would die in the fire".

3.2. Crabbe is very protective of Mary and wishes something bad to happen to the drunken hunters because of what they had done to her or what they were going to do to her.

4. Funny

4.1. "Oh, I don't know. Let's see. First I think I'd panic for a few minutes. Then scream. Then run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Then call a cab".

4.2. Mary asked Crabbe a fairly serious question and he kind of made a joke out of his answer and she laughed.

5. Alcoholic

5.1. "The real problem was that I was still having trouble getting along without my "pal," Silent Sam. It wasn't easy, stopping dead like that, and I don't know what made me think I wouldn't need it when I ran away".

5.2. Crabbe is having a hard time with out his dear friend Silent Sam; vodka. At times he wishes he had it because he sometimes experiences withdrawls and gets shivers and shakes.

6. In Love

6.1. "Because I realized one sunny day as I sat on the shore watching her swim, gracefully moving her long, golden limbs through the clear water, I loved her".

6.2. Crabbe has fallen in love with Mary and he wants her to love him back, but he doesn't think she loves him like the way he loves her. He doesn't want to go back home. He wants to stay with her.