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Exploration by Mind Map: Exploration

1. Dias

1.1. Birth Date- Death Date-

1.2. Country Born In:

1.3. Country Sailed For:

1.4. Dates of Voyage:

1.5. Discovery:

1.6. Significance:

2. Vespucci

2.1. Birth Date: Death Date:

2.2. Country Born In:

2.3. Country Sailed For:

2.4. Dates of Voyage:

2.5. Discovery:

2.6. Significance:

3. Vasco De Gama

3.1. Birth Date- 1460 Death Date-December 23, 1524

3.2. Country Born In: Sines, Portugal

3.3. Country Sailed For: Portugal

3.4. Dates of Voyage: July 7, 1497

3.5. Discovery: The Cape Of Good Hope (This is a place around Africa.) He also beat all the countries to the discovery of Asia claiming it for Portugal.

3.6. Significance: With Asia being claimed by Portugal, that makes all other European countries not able to go near it.

4. Magellan

4.1. Birth Date- Death Date-

4.2. Country Born in

4.3. Country sailed for:

4.4. Dates of Voyage:

4.5. Discovery:

4.6. Significance: