Crabbe: Character Traits

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Crabbe: Character Traits by Mind Map: Crabbe: Character Traits

1. Lonely

1.1. "Sometimes at night after they've turned out the lights I sit up in bed, and just watched the highway" (9).

1.2. Crabbe shows that he has no one to interact with in this isolated place.

2. Opinionated

2.1. "...If ever there was a moronic excuse of a teacher, Grant was it" (23).

2.2. Based on what Crabbe thinks of his teacher, it seems that he only has degrading opinions about people.

3. Self-pity

3.1. "What a bloody useless character I am" (81).

3.2. Since Crabbe now realizes that he's an alcoholic, he's shameful because of what he does in the withdrawal stage, such as anxiety and mood swings. He feels sorry for himself.

4. Alcoholic

4.1. "Guilt is just another escape and so is self-pity. And so is booze" (81).

4.2. I think Crabbe has come to the realization that he is indeed an alcoholic. He has been trying to get away from all of his problems in life, and booze has been his best route to do so.

5. Temperamental

5.1. " You're an impertinent son of a bitch" (16).

5.2. Crabbe seems to show no tolerance for people who try to get in his business who doesn't have any concern being there. He simply isn't ready to share anything, and I can agree there should be a certain trust factor in that relationship when it is relevant.

6. Depressed/ Worthless

6.1. "But you don't have to watch him flush his life down the drain. Because that's what he'll do if we let him. He's not going to university. You know that don't you" (38)?

6.1.1. Crabbe's parents think he is worthless because he doesn't want to do what they want. No one has ever asked him what he wanted out of life, or school. What he wanted to do with his life. He can't help but feel depressed and reach for the comfort of Silent Sam.