10 tourism experinces

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10 tourism experinces by Mind Map: 10 tourism experinces

1. Railroad experience (Matt)

2. Shopping Package(LaCresha)

2.1. Shopping Extravaganza

2.1.1. CHARGE!!! calling all ladies... Cost Sponsorships Consumer Cost Opperational Cost Time Time of the year (Seasonal) Day(s) of event Hours of opperation Vendors (Exhibtors) Informative Apparel Specialty Beauty Accessories Food & Beverages Cocktail Sampling Resturant style eating Hor' Dorves' (sp?) Customer's Experience

2.1.2. ALL ABOUT ME!!!

3. Covered Bridges (Drew)

3.1. GPS tour

3.2. New pictures

3.3. gift card for completion

4. Bike Trail (Steve)

4.1. rest stops

4.2. scenic locations

5. Historical Tours (Stacy)

5.1. modern archeticture

6. Canoeing Experience (Drew)

6.1. Check water ways

7. art package/experience (Taron)

7.1. Amish Art

7.2. research art galleries

7.3. Visit local artist & private lessons

7.4. outline different art locations

8. Restaurant Package (Thresa)

8.1. family specials

8.2. deals were kids eat free

8.3. buffets deals

9. Horseback Ridding (Lisa)

9.1. Location

9.2. Include cover bridge tour on horseback riding

10. Factory Tours

11. Calinary Tour (LaCresha)


11.1.1. Food tasting experience Transportation Small/Medium shuttle bus Special travel route Specials Coupons(to members venue) Discounts Charity Sponsor Customer's experience Exlpore the different foods. Able to return to their favoites w/discounts & special offers Cost Consumer's Cost Opperational Cost Revenue Distubution (who profits?) Tour Members