Leica Geosystems - Current State

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Leica Geosystems - Current State by Mind Map: Leica Geosystems - Current State

1. Empire Nav

1.1. Home link

1.2. Countries

1.2.1. list of counties websites Open in a new tab

1.2.2. Any other regional websites that we should look to for inspiration?

1.2.3. Global brand style guide?

1.2.4. Are we looking to create a design system that other regions can adopt?

1.2.5. Seems like very similar templates, but different content...should we look to doing anything differently with toggling region vs language?

1.3. Change Language Toggle

1.3.1. disappears on internal pages, and even if clicking homelink

1.3.2. English and Dutch only

1.4. Contact

1.4.1. Sidebar nav Sales and Support Network Feedback Form (default) Press Contact info

1.4.2. Breadcrumbs: Leica Geosystems > Contact > Feedback form

1.5. Search

1.5.1. Search entry page search results template

2. Main Nav

2.1. Solutions

2.1.1. sidebar Aerospace Agriculture Asset and Facilities Management Automotive Building and Construction Cadastral Disaster and Emergency Management Engineering Environmental Research Forensic and Public Safety General Industry Mining and Exploration Monitoring Other

2.1.2. content (Pods for everything in the sidebar. With paragraph description) VAST amount of submenus

2.2. Products

2.2.1. agriculture

2.2.2. airbourne sensors

2.2.3. GIS Asset collection and management

2.2.4. GNSS/GPS Systems

2.2.5. HDS laster scanners and SW

2.2.6. Laser Tracker Systems

2.2.7. Lasers

2.2.8. Leica Flexline plus

2.2.9. Leica ICON

2.2.10. Leica Nova

2.2.11. Leica Viva

2.2.12. Levels

2.2.13. Locators

2.2.14. Machine Control

2.2.15. Mobile Mapping

2.2.16. Monitoring solutions

2.2.17. Multistation

2.2.18. Theodolites

2.2.19. Total Stations (TPS)

2.2.20. Software

2.2.21. Accessores

2.3. Where to find us

2.3.1. Local Sales Reps and Distributors Looking for sales support Technical service Country country list product line list Series of dropdown could work on homepage to help navigate

2.3.2. Leica Geosystems offices

2.3.3. contact form

2.4. Support Services

2.4.1. My CCP customer care packages Gold Silver Bronze Blue Basic Hub and Tack

2.4.2. Protect by Leica Geosystems

2.4.3. Technical Support 1800 number Training and service center locations technical support by web link to downloads link to CCP

2.4.4. Service and Repair contact us canada locations list contact us USA locations list

2.4.5. GSA

2.4.6. CE Conformity Declaration

2.4.7. Other Leica Geosystem Sites

2.4.8. Downloads has a search! seems to work

2.4.9. Support Notices

2.5. Video Tutorials

2.5.1. Videos grouped by catagory cannot seem to click! Videos will not open? Am I doing something wrong? Some I can download, looks like i have to download to watch. As a potential customer, I might be worried that the training material is not accessible or high-quality.

2.5.2. Web Seminar module additional webinars listed down page

2.5.3. Download windows media player

2.6. News Center

2.6.1. News New archive by year

2.6.2. Published Articles long list

2.6.3. eNewsletter LONG form to fill out to get the newsletter. Why not just email?

2.6.4. Upcoming Events List of events by month about 2-3 a month Detail page for description of events

2.6.5. Customer Magazine WOW list Summaries of each quarterly issue View in browser in multiple languages

2.6.6. Share your Success Story form get free stuff

2.7. About us

2.7.1. About Us

2.7.2. Careers

2.7.3. Locations List of Locations Defaults to US Canada Latin America Worldwide Looking for Country product line list Series of dropdown could work on homepage to help navigate

3. Homepage Content

3.1. My World Module

3.1.1. My Account, for registered users?

3.1.2. Register Link

3.1.3. more...

3.2. Latest Products Module

3.3. Latest News Module

3.4. Events Module

3.5. Other Leica Geosystems Websites link list

3.6. Total Stations module

3.7. Surveying Made Easy Flipbook

3.8. Social Networks

3.9. TruStory Testimonials Pod

3.10. Need more info pod

3.10.1. Search for product dropdown

3.10.2. Search for contact to dropdown

3.10.3. Select your country

3.10.4. PROCEED cta

4. Footer

4.1. Imprint

4.2. Terms of Use

4.3. Privacy Policy

4.4. Sitemap

4.5. Copyright

4.6. Social Networks

4.6.1. YouTube

4.6.2. Twitter

4.6.3. Facbook