Computer Generating Puzzles

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Computer Generating Puzzles by Mind Map: Computer Generating Puzzles

1. Probably already solved to a good extent, we shall have to look up whether or not it is solved.

2. Independent Variable

2.1. The Puzzle

2.1.1. "Squares"

2.1.2. Sudoku

2.1.3. Ken-Ken

2.1.4. Three-Dimensional Puzzles (Gideon's Knot type)

3. Programming Languages

3.1. C

3.1.1. What sort of language is C?

3.1.2. Should I use C?

3.2. Is object orientation needed?

3.2.1. What is object orientation? ...we don't need to research this I can just explain it to you

3.3. C++

3.3.1. What are its advantages compared to C?

3.4. Other languages?

3.4.1. Lisp

3.4.2. Haskell

3.4.3. Is speed a factor?

3.4.4. Ruby

3.4.5. Python

3.4.6. Other, Less Viable Languages (that probably shouldn't be used, unless you *REALLY* want to use them) Racket Rhoscript Emerald Smalltalk Brainf**k Logo

4. Dependent Variables

4.1. Uniqueness of Solution(s)

4.2. Solving Technique

4.3. Generation Technique

4.4. Variety of Solutions

5. Algorithms Usable Accross Puzzles?

5.1. [To be filled in once Squares is completed]