Crabbe's Personality

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Crabbe's Personality by Mind Map: Crabbe's Personality

1. Weak: "I was tall and gangly" (34)

1.1. This quote means that Crabbe is mentally and physically weak

2. Angry: "when i saw her I hoped the bastards would die in the fire" (112)

2.1. Crabbe is angry about a lot of things. He doesn't like his life in civilization, and he hates the face that Mary wont love him more then a friend

3. Confused: "I thought a lot about why i ran away from home (18)

3.1. Crabbe doesn't like his life at home with his parents so after a lot of thinking he decides to run away, doesn't really realize what he is getting into

4. Smoker: "if you're careful not to inhale the smoke, perhaps you'll find it easy to break the habit" (93)

4.1. Crabbe smokes to try to fight off the addiction of silent sam but then later on gets addicted to smoking

5. Alcoholic: "maybe when you really want a drink, you could light up that pipe instead" (92)

5.1. Crabbe is addicted to silent sam and can barely get through the day without it.