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Fit Profile by Mind Map: Fit Profile

1. Completed Sessions

2. Workout Score

3. Average Session Rating (Weekly)

4. Success VS Community

5. Months

5.1. Average Session Rating

5.2. Monthly Score

5.3. Total Workouts

5.4. Total Hours

5.5. Total Bars

5.6. FP Calories

5.7. Score Vs. Everyone

5.8. Month Bars (4 Weeks)

5.8.1. Totale Score (Weekly)

5.8.2. Total Workouts (Weekly)

5.8.3. Total Time (Weekly)

5.8.4. Total Bars (Weekly)

5.8.5. FP Calories (Weekly)

5.8.6. Score Vs. Everyone (Weekly)

5.8.7. Daily Bars (Session) Title of Video Date Session Rating Session Score Session Score Session Bars FP Calories Score Vs. Everyone (Day) Session Type of Workout

6. Total Fit Points

7. Bars

8. Stats

9. Best Workout

10. Challanges

11. Progress

11.1. Achievements

11.1.1. Completed VS Remaining Workouts

11.1.2. Gamescore

11.2. Choose the way you want to work out (Do It Your Way)

11.3. Sessions with 5 stars

11.4. Session Challanges

11.4.1. Stamps Available

11.4.2. Workouts Aced

11.4.3. Workout Videos Video Series Video Challange

11.5. Drill Challanges

11.5.1. Success VS Friends

11.5.2. Success VS. Personal

12. Workout History

12.1. Montly

12.1.1. Month Date Monthly Fit Points Number of Workouts Total Time

12.1.2. Daily Total Fit Points Average Rating Total Calories Total Workouts Daily Fitness Points Bar Total Time Workouts Title of Videos Video Fit Points Video Rating Total Calories Total Time Comparison Bar Session