Research and Development

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Research and Development by Mind Map: Research and Development

1. Understanding of the students

1.1. Learning approaches

1.2. Learning needs

2. Why Research?

2.1. To be aware of the current pedagogical skills and tools available to increase teacher's efficacy in teaching.

2.2. What are the benefits?

2.2.1. To ride on others' success stories

2.2.2. To improve on others' work.

2.3. To see what's available

2.4. What are the constraints?

2.4.1. Time For preparation? Time to write a really good research paper? With the pupils? Definitely, need authentic data. Follow-up on findings How does findings improve on work? Were findings used, shared?

2.4.2. Proper Research Skills?

2.4.3. Resources

2.4.4. Lack of expert's Guide?

2.4.5. Accountability to stakeholders On time used for research This is EVERYONE's concern. There is nothing against doing research - but how are teachers expected to juggle all that they are expected to do? Parents? How research benefits the pupils Exam

2.4.6. Research in MSHS must be reflective. Too much active research make guinea pigs of our students. A more cautious approach to research is necessary.

2.5. To promote reflective mindset

2.6. Support for Action Research

2.6.1. Support Groups Link Up with NIE lecturers NIE link-up for mutual benefit or one-sided leeching? New node

2.6.2. Assist teachers to do research

2.7. Improve Classroom Teaching and Learning

2.8. How do we promote research in MSHS?

2.9. as front runners of this initiative, research is necessary to see what works and what does not.

2.10. Focus must be anchored on sound pedagogical principles in facilitating the learning of students

2.11. "Research" sounds grand but follow up to research and mental space for thinking & conceptualising is essential.

3. Development

3.1. 21st CC

3.1.1. To develop new things for teaching and learning

4. Sharing

4.1. National Sharing Session

4.1.1. Humanities Dept will be sharing on the use of Xtranormal to make History lessons more interesting How could we do better?

4.2. International Conference

4.2.1. Do we have any?

4.3. Overseas Trip to learn from other schools?

4.4. Departmental

4.5. Lesson Observation

4.5.1. Peer Observation (Informal)

4.5.2. Lesson Study

4.6. Contact TIme

4.7. School Retreat

4.7.1. Lesson Pedagogy

4.8. Open sharing to be targetted to benefit the wider education fraternity: i.e. platform of collaboration with other schools and MOE/NIE such as iMVT projects at National level

5. Sign up for PDCM

5.1. Learning the fundamentals of undertaking research project.

5.2. Masters Programmes

5.3. PDCM doesnt help

5.3.1. I agree. Where is the focus?

6. Research Areas

6.1. Asynchronous Discussion Forum

6.1.1. Content Analysis Qualitative in nature Unit of Analysis Inter-rater reliability

6.1.2. For Sec 2 Science How to ensure quality discussion? Facilitators must set the ground rule Students aware of marks awarded during assessment of their discussion

6.1.3. Knowledge Construction / Mis-construction

6.1.4. How can it be done in other subject areas? Sharing of best practices during PT

6.1.5. Good to stimulate interest in students Quality of trigger question must be high. Something that is provoking and interesting to the students

6.2. 21st Century Classroom

6.2.1. Cooperative Learning Approach

6.2.2. Staff Training required On pedagogy? On Technology?

6.2.3. Literature Research- What have been done by other?

6.2.4. Students need to be equipped with the relevant ICT skills

6.3. TLLM Ignite 2 Research

6.3.1. Research Activist - PLE

6.4. Research Topics

6.4.1. Are the research topics aligned to the school's strategic thrusts/goals?

6.4.2. Selection of relevant research topics

7. New node