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Story Template by Mind Map: Story Template
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Story Template

Put formula into highly consumable products

Coffee= CRASH

1. Story

1. Build Rapport

2. Background

3. Your Why

4. First Exposure

2. What the person you were first exposed to told you about the PRODUCT


Dr. Oz



3. So after hearing how great the product is, I asked- "Well if it's such a great product, why have I never heard of it and why isn't it in stores?

Word of Mouth


Vemma Concept

You buy product as a CONSUMER because you LIKE it. Not a sales rep.

If anyone wants to buy the product, they would go through your website like a referall system.

As the fraction grows, every person who enrolls is as important to me as the first person I enrolled.

5. Economy

1. The Facts

2. Summarize with two sentences

6. Then Til Now

Gold +

Bronze -Gold