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Story Template by Mind Map: Story Template
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Story Template

Put formula into highly consumable products

Coffee= CRASH

Purified water, natural Guarana seed, Vitamin Forula, Verve MoJoe, Verve ParTea, Bode Shake, Bode, Vemma Shot

1. Story

1. Build Rapport

ask the prospect questions about themselves. Figure out what their hobbies and interests are. Try to relate.

2. Background

What you were doing before Vemma. What you didn't like about that. How Vemma helped.

3. Your Why

4. First Exposure

Skeptical, but kept an open mind

2. What the person you were first exposed to told you about the PRODUCT


Human body = 75% H20, Pill= 20%, Liquid Vitamin= 85%

Dr. Oz


Vemma is a LIQUID antioxidant. $75 Vitamin Equivalency.


Phoenix Suns

Chris and Heidi Powell

3. So after hearing how great the product is, I asked- "Well if it's such a great product, why have I never heard of it and why isn't it in stores?

Word of Mouth

We advertise for products we consume everyday., Think about it. You tell a friend about the new batman movie, he sees it, but you never get paid., WE built facebook. Yet Zuckerburg will never pay us.


If you walked into a gas station and saw Verve next to Red Bull would you buy it even though Verve is far superior in every way? Obviously not because you would have no idea what it is., RedBull is sugar water., Chase with RedBull- it speeds up your heart rate and it can kill you. Banned in India, some European countries, and soon to be Canada., RedBull spends 1Billion on advertising and retail. 85% of market is young people.

Vemma Concept

You buy product as a CONSUMER because you LIKE it. Not a sales rep.

By being a CONSUMER of Vemma you get two things..., Business App, Website- mixture between Facebook and Amazon

If anyone wants to buy the product, they would go through your website like a referall system.

As they go through your website, they would be enrolled on either a left network, or a right network. They get their own profile., Example- IF I enroll Jake on my left, and Cam on my right. Everyone that Cam gets will always be on my right, and everyone that Jake gets will always be on my left.

As the fraction grows, every person who enrolls is as important to me as the first person I enrolled.

Not only is every person just as important to me as the first two people on my left and right. vemma is growing a base of consumers because were buying this product every month. but since they dont spend money on retail or advertising, guess who gets paid?, We do. 50 cents on every can goes back to the consumers., MASSIVE redistribution wealth

5. Economy

1. The Facts

56% of graduating class is either unemployed or underemployed, 82% are back with parents, 1.3 Trillion student loan debt, More than credit Card debt

2. Summarize with two sentences

1- So are parents are lending money they don't have for degrees that we can't pay back to prepare us for jobs that no longer exist in our economy.

2- Meanwhile Vemma is networking a product we all spend money on anyway in the most socially connected generation of all time that pays us to consume it in the worst economy since the great depression.

6. Then Til Now

Gold +

So after realizing why the product is so good, understanding why it's not in stores or commercials, how Vemma works, and the economy- I bought a BUILDER PACK., Explain progress since Builder Pack., In X months, I enrolled X amount of people, and am making X amount of dollars per month., Depth of VISION, But in the next few months, I'll be here., I don't say this to impress you, but to impress upon you where this is going., You got money by helping downline learn from your experiences. People are growing faster than you.

Bronze -Gold

So after realizing why the product is so good, understanding why it's not in stores or commercials, how Vemma works, and the economy- I bought a BUILDER PACK., I thought I might as well give myself 3-6 months to break even residually in this company, if I didn't break even in time I at least had the courage to do something different, But if i broke even then I broke even in a company marketed like fb, cause how did you hear about this? what about fb?, If our parents put stock in apple microsfot ibm we would be in a diff car house ext so i knew it wash opportunity of a lifetime but wouldn't matter if i didn't take it in the lifetime oft he opportunity, if i was able to break even i would essentially be able to tell people my story about how i went from 0 to the ratio of 5/5 where my product is free the better i got at telling my story more people would want to hear how i was making more money therefore letting my money work for me being apart of that 3%, because whoever tells their story the most wins.