Adding a Combo Box to a Form

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Adding a Combo Box to a Form by Mind Map: Adding a Combo Box to a Form

1. To add a combo box

1.1. Control group design tab click more to open design gallery

1.2. click control wizards tool, click combo box

1.3. position the +near top form click wizard opens

1.4. use either Tbl or Qry

1.5. click I want combo box to get values from another Tbl or Qry

1.6. check Qry options button, click qry you want to use

1.7. click arrow for first box, choose customer etc...

1.8. next select foreign key Cust ID

1.9. next click store value in this field click arrow option and click Cust ID control wizard

1.10. click on combo box

1.11. next, specify name for combo box control, like Customer ID in control wizards tool

2. Set caption property value for customer ID Label

2.1. Rt click customer ID label display shortcut, click properties

2.2. All tab to display properties

2.3. click before ID an press spacebar

2.4. name in control or object is now Cust ID

3. Customer ID box in form view

3.1. The customer ID box will need to be widened

3.2. widen either in layout or design view

3.3. you will need to see entire value in box

4. Tutorial 6

5. click arrow to see cust id box in form view