Tutorial 6-Using Form Tools and creating Custom Forms

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Tutorial 6-Using Form Tools and creating Custom Forms by Mind Map: Tutorial 6-Using Form Tools and creating Custom Forms

1. Resizing and Deleting Controls

2. Selecting, Moving and Aligning Controls--Use move handles or sizing handles.

3. Don't forget to ALWAYS save the form.

4. Printing Database Relationships and Using the Documenter

5. - Start Access and open the db you want to document. - In the Analyze group on the db Tab, click Database Documenter.

5.1. Select Object you want to document

6. Intro to Forms and Report Layouts; Video

7. Creating Forms Using Form Tools

8. Click the Ok button, print then close Object Definition window.

8.1. If necessary, click the Options button to select specific options for selected option, click OK when completed.

9. Datasheet Tab, View Button; Data or Design

10. Using Multiple Items Tool---Design Tab in Form Layout Tools- Controls give you control.

11. Anchoring Controls in a form.--Arrange Tab in Form Layout Tools--far Right, Anchoring button displays gallery.

11.1. Anchoring Controls used to resize form.

12. Creating a Form in Design View 6.2

13. Create Tab on Ribbon

14. Forms Grp Click Blank Form Button

15. Open Field List Pane, to see all.

16. Add other Controls to the form.

17. Visual Overview Anchoring Controls 6.1

18. Adding Combo Boxes to a Form

19. Using Form Headers and Form Footers