Learning and the learner

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Learning and the learner by Mind Map: Learning and the learner

1. Students' needs and obstacles

1.1. Public speaking

1.2. Lack of confidence

1.3. Lack of experience

1.4. Shyness

2. Objectives

2.1. Implement previous knowledge

2.2. Attend to students'needs by:

2.2.1. Using activities

2.2.2. Giving real life experience

3. Affective goals

3.1. Develop confidence

3.2. Give them real life experience

3.3. Developing the ability of abstraction and structuring of ideas

4. Learning strategies

4.1. Practice

4.2. Presentations

4.3. Improvisation

4.4. Feedback analysis

4.5. Giving speeches of known and unknown topics with planned presentations

5. Interpersonal skills

5.1. Learning to implement ideas and communicate them

5.2. Being able to receive feedback for information given and apply it in a conversation

5.3. Understand the audience’s needs and dynamics