The benefits of exercise

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The benefits of exercise by Mind Map: The benefits of exercise

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1.1. Social health

1.1.1. Family Exercising gives you some time for your own, away from the watching eyes of your family. It also helps when all your family members aren't always staring at your growing mountain of a stomach. If you don't like exercising alone, you can spend more time with your family through exercise.

1.1.2. Friends Having an overweight can be a big stress between peers. Lose some fat! Some bully cases are from obesity. You can also spend more time with your friends when you exercise Lose some stress with fat while exercising!

1.2. Physical health

1.2.1. Exercise has been proved to be good for your body.

1.2.2. Exercises good for body parts Arms Ex( Push-ups, Weight lifting Legs Ex( Jogging, Running Hip Ex( Lunge twists, Sit-ups

1.3. Mental health

1.3.1. Well, don't you think you would feel much more better if you stopped getting bullied because of your fatness?

1.3.2. Well, at last you have reached your fitness goal, how do you feel. Good? I guess so.