The benefits of physical wellness

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The benefits of physical wellness by Mind Map: The benefits of physical wellness

1. Physical

1.1. Better Heart

1.2. Weight Management

1.3. Bone Strength

1.4. Balance and Coordination

2. Mental

2.1. You'll be happier

2.2. You'll sleep better

2.3. You'll be more self confident

3. Social

3.1. You'll meet new people

3.2. You'll strengthen bonds between your friends

4. Physical

4.1. Your immunity will automatically go up

4.2. Your bones will become stornger

4.3. You'll have a healthier heart

4.4. You'll reduce your risk of injury

5. Mental

5.1. You'll be more happy

5.2. Reduce stress levels

5.3. You'll sleep better

6. Social

6.1. You'll meet new people

6.2. You'll make stronger bonds with your friends