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dictators threaten world peace by Mind Map: dictators threaten world
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dictators threaten world peace

nationalism grips europe and asia

failures of the world war one peace settlement

from the treaty of versiales caused anger for the germans because they thought nothing was fair

joseph stalin transforms the soviet union

joseph stalin took controll of of the country and made agraculture and industrial growth to be the prime economical goals

the rise of fascism in italy

benito mussolini made middle and upper class demands stronger leadership

fascism wanted a single strong leader

the nazis take over germany

adolf hitler

nazism is the german brand of fascism

militarist take over japan

imperial government of japan tryed to make more living space

aggression in europe and asian

in 1933 hnitler pulled germany out of the leauge and started building up military

civil war breaks out in spain

revolts broke out all over spain

frasisco franco was a general who revolted against the spanish republic

the us responses cautiously

americans cling to isolationism

books say that us was dragged into ww1

neutrality acts, outlawed giving loans to nations at war

neutrality breaks down

in 1937 rosovelt went against the neutrality acts and sent help to china