FInding on Student Entrepreneurs

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FInding on Student Entrepreneurs by Mind Map: FInding on Student Entrepreneurs

1. How do student entrepreneurs ...

1.1. WORK

1.1.1. Hard Work/Effort it took me like six sleepless nights, and I would go to Uni late 104 I built 3 new websites, I build a website from scratch it was really complex, on the train to work, after work, at lunch at work, took days off. Got really sick. 104

1.1.2. Need for Control I got my first client at thirteen and it was like a florist company. And it was my family friend. So I built this entire site, html, coded it myself, designed it myself, did an ecommerce integrated with PayPal flash kind of thing 104 By myself. Well, I am the only one running it. I have people doing stuff. I have people doing stuff, but I am the one running it 104

1.1.3. Toward/ with a Dream So my dream was to have my own agency 104

1.1.4. Affraid of boredom I went to XYZZ pty, I didn’t want to. And I was doing dead range security admissions and was like ‘People get paid for this?!’ And there were like 28, 29, 30 year olds getting paid to click this button. I was freaking out, hating life; it was really hard for me. And I was on help desk, and it was hard for me; I wasn’t doing anything creative. 104

1.1.5. Can do attitude then my dad had a spare computer… and he gave me a computer. I started playing around with the wallpaper and showing everyone and music 104

1.1.6. Try new Things Then was just doing that, and then Micro Media Flash came in, I started playing with that as well. I went on a site called ‘’ and was ridiculous. It was a flash site and it was so much movement and so much like I was going ‘Oh my God’. 104

1.1.7. In Team we are [coming] together and it becomes this beautiful thing, this best team I could ever imagine. We all work so flawlessly. 104

1.1.8. Turn assignments into businesses I had another one [business] called Angel Photo which was like editing photos and stuff like that for people. But it was like I did it for a project at Uni and then got some business out of that 104

1.2. THINK

1.2.1. Need for Control [At Uni] I have less control with exams, assignments you have so much control I could put everything into it, put 100%. Exams, you never know until the day 104 OTHERWISE ANXIETY? I have to control my environment, my exams, my equity... 104

1.2.2. Need for Recognition And so I kind of got addicted to that feeling [of people being impressed], I guess of showing off. 104 And just like wowing people was awesome to be different I guess. And then I just kept doing it 104 I would use those techniques on people and on girls and sort of like party situations to see how different people would react and I kind of like [it] 104

1.2.3. Believe/Ask for Opportunities/Luck God instead of Luck [on luck] I am a Christian so I really believe kind of I don't know. I claim every moment of my life, and kind of walk my life through with God and I believe God has presented me with these opportunities and I’ve just taken full advantage of it... yea it’s kind of a strange outlook. it might be like psychological values that Jesus presents and stuff that helps. But I believe it’s my natural relationship with God. And from that, I didn’t really believe, but I was like ‘Lord, if you are there, Do this this this and this’

1.2.4. Can do attitude So what happened in my childhood, this is really key, my parents never said I could never do anything. They always gave me the impression that I could do everything.

1.2.5. Challenging oneself I thought it was one person. So I thought It is just one person, I can do it. 104

1.2.6. Effort = Value every time I got a report card we would go out and buy a toy because my effort ratings were good. so I kind of subconsciously believe my effort is what's valued, so that is what I put in. 104

1.3. LEARN

1.3.1. By Trying New Things [when I was 8] my dad gave me a computer. I started playing around with the wallpaper and the sounds and showing everyone 104 [when I was 10] my dad installed Photoshop onto my computer and I saw the back cover, and it was this beautiful image, and I was like ‘Well if they can do it, I can do it,’ 104 At uni [on top of my Computer Science course] I started studying psychology and started studying how to interact with people 104

1.3.2. By Doing Things Work Experience / internship "With XXX advertising [pty], I was making good Money and I was enjoying it, and learning, I was designing for myself, getting my creativity back. But wit ABC [co] I was forced to organize my work and work with a team [...]. So I learned structure and all that kind of stuff. [with ZZZ pty] I learned so much. I learned process, I learned customer service, I learned structure, I...actually focusing the nitty gritty details. I could go on endlessly about how much I learned. after the catering business, I can see the difference between a great team and a terrible team. Business /Real life activities I knew I wanted to be part of them, because it’s something different, it’s something more business-like than the class we learned that you can actually go into you grocery store and have a negotiation with them, and so really, really learned a lot in terms of negotiation, in terms of organisation, and in terms of, also, motivating people I started studying psychology [...] and I would use those techniques on people [...] to see how different people would react He is the toughest client I have ever had. It is because of him I realized I need to learn so much. My customer service was shit. Making decision You just have to make decisions, try to make educated decisions, try to test something new sometimes, to get it there, and you learn a lot. I just learned a lot, Making Mistakes I learned so much from all the mistakes I was doing from him. I did some bad stuff, because I just wanted a lot of control over everything, but that’s what I learned.

1.3.3. By Willing to Learn Open Minded attitude we went travelling around America, Europe. And we saw, I saw the whole world. My bubble just burst. I had people challenging me, I was challenged by the food I was eating, everything I was seeing. MiacroMedia Flash came in, I started playing with that as well. I went on a site called ‘’ and was ridiculous. It was a flash site and it was so much movement and so much like I was going ‘Oh my God’. why do just one thing when you can do ten? There comes a point there comes a time when you need to do two and focus, but when you are this [young] age it's important to meet as many people as you can, have as many experiences as you can, absorb as much wisdom as you can. Networking it was a great experience meeting them [advertising gurus] and having that awesome time, and learning from them Making contacts and stuff like that. Travelled America, met all my family, just caught up with everybody. And just experiencing heaps and learned a lot about myself again My cousin over there was one of the founding team of a number of businesses. So I was learning from him as well. learning from them, absorbing because it’s what I was passionate about, just absorbing I contacted a lot of different people trying to learn from them.

1.3.4. By Challenging Oneself Continuously [at 12] I tried to recreate all of these webpages. I looked at the templates and I tried to recreate them 104 [at 14] instead of doing a PowerPoint assignment, I would create a fully interactive website, which for each section of the assignment was an animated movie 104 At XYZ pty I was so bored that I asked for my own project in the last 3 months which I really enjoyed, where I just got asked ‘Create this system’ I learned how to do it, and I did it. 104

2. Minimum Pattern Student Entrepreneurs display

2.1. a. Passion & Motivation

2.1.1. signals/ cues high energy, high number of working hours, attract followers

2.2. b. Perseverance

2.2.1. signals/ cues history of failure but no giving up, knows Strengths, Weaknesses OT but keep going

2.3. c. Want to do something different

2.3.1. signals/ cues they verbalise it repetitively

2.4. d. Luck/serendipity

2.4.1. signals/ cues "by luck, by chance, happens to be, God…"

3. Learning preferences

3.1. a. - Do (trial and error)

3.2. b. - Customer Validation

3.3. c. - Tacit knowledge / common sense

3.4. d. - Online sources (coursera...)

3.5. e. - Book and newspaper (not textbooks)

3.6. f. - Friends

3.7. g. - Lectures (sometimes)

3.8. h. - Work experience

3.9. i. - Seminars/conferences

3.10. j. - Creative writing

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