Penn State

Map of personnel, resources, and workflow

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Penn State by Mind Map: Penn State

1. Andrew Sears Dean of College of IST

1.1. Pete Forster Associate Dean

1.2. Michelle Corby Assistant Dean of Academic Services

1.2.1. Amy Garbrick Director Office of Learning Design Kent Matsueda Senior Instructional Designer Brian Daigle. ID Chris Gamrat, ID Ronda Reid, ID Laura Adams Instructional Production Specialist Trisha McKee, IPS Howard Ings Multimedia Specialist Student Wage-payroll

1.2.2. Amy Stever Director of Educational Strategy and Planning Sherry Rogers Mindy Fisher

1.3. Susan Sampsell Assistant Dean of Administrative Operations

1.3.1. Chris Milito Director of the Office of Information Technology System Administrators IT Consultants Web Design and Multimedia

1.4. More information on the organization of the College

2. Office of Learning Design

2.1. Instructional Design Workflow

2.1.1. Lifecycle of a Course Planning Establish a need to develop/revise Ronda's Rubric? Identifying the Type of Course Identifying Programs Identifying/contracting an author Design Kick-off meeting Initial Author Deliverables Philosophies Frameworks Methods Development Development Timeline Initial lesson First chunk of remaining lessons Second, third, etc. chunks of remaining lessons Course-wide resources Syllabus Quality Assurance Author sign-off Delivery Maintenance Next Semester Preparation Assessment & Revision

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. Course Development Multimedia Graphic Design Video Accessibility YouTube MovieCaptioner

2.2.2. Course Delivery Learning Management System ANGEL Canvas Content Management System Drupal 6 Virtual Environments vLabs VHOL Interaction VoiceThread LTI Yammer Assessment Qualtrics CATME

2.2.3. Project Management Outlook/Email Google Docs SmartSheets? Other Producteev Evernotes Toodledo Wunderlist Sticky notes! Wrike

2.2.4. File Storage PASS Account \\\Common Sharing Google Docs: Shared LD Folder \\\Departments\OIDI SMB Shares: \\\ Subversion

2.2.5. Communication Inter-Office Synchronous Asynchronous LDI Contact List (Google Doc) External PSU email (UCS) Sites @ PSU Twitter

2.2.6. Technical Support Internal College of IST's Office of IT External World Campus HelpDesk Penn State IT HelpDesk AIS: Software/Hardware CSS: Testing/User Support TLT: Training/Documentation/Project Management

2.2.7. Professional Development LDI New Employee Document ITS Workshops Conferences PSU External Faculty Development Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning 11/10/10 World Campus Faculty Development