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Monaco by Mind Map: Monaco

1. Personal

1.1. Italian descent

1.2. never starts trouble

1.3. gets along well with others

1.4. very intelligent

1.5. religious

1.6. girlfriend proposes to him in a letter

1.6.1. he invites the soldiers to his wedding when they get home

2. Soldier

2.1. Bravery

2.1.1. volunteering for the dangerous missions doesn't mind being picked for missions

2.1.2. always looks out for his fellow soldiers

2.1.3. takes his job as a soldier very serious

2.2. Hero

2.2.1. takes on position of point man

2.2.2. never thinks twice about putting his life on the line

2.3. Cold

2.3.1. feels little remorse after killing

2.4. Keen

2.4.1. understands how the enemy fights picks up on their strengths and weaknesses of war

2.4.2. adjusts well to life as a soldier

2.5. accepting

2.5.1. although he is quite different from the others, he is well accepted as a brother of war among the troops

2.5.2. gets along well with both Perry and Peewee, they accept him as a good friend

2.5.3. trusts his fellow soldiers

3. Themes

3.1. Bravery

3.2. Heroism

3.3. Survival

3.4. Challenges of Warfare

3.5. Finding One's Self

3.6. Bonds of War

3.7. Taking Risks