Character Analysis

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Character Analysis by Mind Map: Character Analysis

1. Student Outcomes

1.1. Students will learn to work with an assigned partner.

1.2. Students will use prior knowledge for pre-planning.

1.3. Students will conduct research from a variety of modes.

1.4. Students will organize information for analysis.

1.5. Students will summarize their findings thorugh creative and written formats.

2. Project Information

2.1. Standards

2.1.1. ISTE

2.1.2. Content

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Complete a Thorough Character Analysis

2.2.2. Gain Understanding of Themes

2.2.3. Use Various Forms of Technology

2.2.4. Exercise Prior Knowledge

2.3. Assessments

2.3.1. Organization Pre-Planning Research Concept Map

2.3.2. Analysis Typed Reflection Presentation

2.3.3. Synthesis Creation of Final Product Movie Poster

3. Timeline

3.1. 1-2 for intro, pre-planning, and research

3.2. 1 day for organizing research

3.3. 2-3 for completing final product

3.4. 1-2 complete reflection and presentations

4. Limitations

4.1. ELL Students

4.1.1. Are they able to keep up with the work?

4.1.2. How fast can they work on the project?

4.1.3. What accomodations are necessary?

4.1.4. Will the need more time?

4.2. SPED Students

4.2.1. Would they rather work alone?

4.2.2. How will they process the information?

4.2.3. Do they need additional time?

4.2.4. Which group setting best fits their needs?

4.3. Time

4.3.1. Is the computer lab available for each day needed?

4.3.2. Will the project take less time than intended?

4.3.3. Will the students need more time to complete everythng.

5. Actions

5.1. Conduct Research

5.1.1. Use a TrackStar module as a way for collecting data

5.1.2. Have students find at least 2 additional sources

5.2. Organize Information

5.2.1. Use a concept map

5.2.2. analyze information what themes are present

5.3. Synthesize information

5.3.1. create a movie poster using technolgoy

5.3.2. typed analysis reflection