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Motion by Mind Map: Motion

1. Newtons Laws

1.1. 1st law

1.1.1. Known as law of Inertia

1.1.2. Objects in motion stay in motion.

1.2. 2nd law

1.2.1. More force means more acceleration.

1.2.2. F=m*a we used a spring scale.

1.3. 3rd law

1.3.1. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

2. Pasta Pod Project

2.1. Build a car only out of pasta

2.2. Pasta pod can be held together by glue

2.3. Pasta Pod has to travel 80cm or more to get an A!

2.4. We used a ramp, meterstick, timer, and glue.

3. Tire Selection Lab

3.1. We were figuring out whether or not surface area affect friction.

3.1.1. Weight affects friction

3.1.2. Mr. Ellis should just add weight.

3.2. We found out Mr. Ellis should get the cheaper tires.

4. Velocity V.S. Speed

4.1. Velocity

4.1.1. Distance/time

4.1.2. Includes a Direction

4.2. Speed is only how fast an object goes

4.3. 34mph or 34 m/s

4.4. Both use the same equation.

5. Acceleration

5.1. Change in Velocity and direction

5.2. Units: m/s2

5.3. rate of velocity

5.4. Equation= (final V- initial V)/Time

6. Gravity

6.1. 9.8m/s/s

6.2. Rate at which things fall