Beyond the Pattern of Heaven

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Beyond the Pattern of Heaven by Mind Map: Beyond the Pattern of Heaven

1. The Dai

1.1. bilateral kinship

1.2. Women have the power to leave with the children at any time

1.3. "Husbands move into their brides natal homes for 3 years, during which the men provide labor for women's family" (358)

1.4. equal division of childcare

2. The Lahu

2.1. gendered unity; husbands and wives work best in pairs

2.2. all workload is shared

2.2.1. pregnancy

2.2.2. housework

2.2.3. family

2.2.4. children raising

3. The Mosuo

3.1. matalinial marriage

3.2. wives and husbands are free to see who they want and are not tied to each other

3.3. children are important family members

3.4. Lack of family titles

3.5. unequal division of childcare

4. The Surname

4.1. Paternal kinship

4.2. Men have the most freedom, and women are subject to no options in life

4.3. surname is used to recognize members of the family

5. Han Chinese

5.1. "Patrilinial surnames provided the Han Chinese with connections to a common ancestor. (353)

5.2. Gender inequality

5.2.1. arranged marriages

5.2.2. can never initiate divorce

5.2.3. poorly respected

5.3. Strict family titles

5.4. Problems with this system

5.4.1. Single children generations

5.4.2. imbalance in gender ratios human trafficking for mates