Protecting Data and IT Systems

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Protecting Data and IT Systems by Mind Map: Protecting Data and IT Systems

1. Risks

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Someone can get on your computer and take data from you if you are not at your computer

1.1.2. Fire If there is a fire then your computer can get burnt and the memory would have been lost so all of the data woukld have gone

1.2. Hackers

1.2.1. They access your data without your permission

1.3. Viruses

1.3.1. They can break and damage all of your hardware

1.3.2. It is a bit like a virus in a body

1.4. Employees

1.4.1. They can take or change your data

1.5. Being Dropped

1.5.1. If the computer or laptop is dropped then it would smash and then the memory of the computer would have gone because the electrics in the computer would have broken

2. Physical methods of protection

2.1. CCTV Camera could check up what other people are doing on your computer

3. Software methods of protection

3.1. Anti virus software to protect viruses from your computer

3.2. Firewalls can protect your computer

4. Backups

4.1. USB Memory Stick